A 17 year old teen was arrested by police in Pattaya while pimping out a 14 year old girl from Udonthani.

This all began when this alleged pimp wanna-be contacted this 14 year old girl with flirts and promises of a trip to Pattaya and Bangkok via Facebook chats. Police then raided a hotel in Chonburi and what they found was heart breaking. Caught in action, the little girl was being used as a sex object to foreigners and was being molested by old Indian men while sedated on the bed.

On July 5th police arrested the 17 year old pimp and the sex offender, 47 year old Pramod Kuman, with two charges underĀ 1166/256 warrant. Charges range from one account of separating a minor under 15 from parents as well as sex trafficking a minor, for the 17 year old. The 47 year old Indian man was charged with pedophilia and having sex with a minor.

The investigation got more interesting when they were questioning the victim, she explained that she got paid as much as 4,000 baht each time that’s why she didn’t complain, although knowing that it was wrong but did it for the trip and money. Police soon realized that she was in a state of victim shaming; when a person thinks that all the bad things happened to them is because of them or they deserve it. As soon as the victim realized she was being used for sex trafficking and possibly would have ended up in a worse position, she then began to cry and figured the stat she’s in.

Further investigation are to shut down more then 700 illegal porn sites that contain explicit content with underage kids or pedophilia content.