Condominium owners near Banglamung Beach are complains about local clam hunters about noise disturbance, littering and parking problems.

Deputy District Chief Litapope Penchan and Councilman Sretsak Faklit met with residents and business owners to discuss the ongoing problems with parking and littering the said area. Due to multiple complaints from condominium communities that occupy, the district have finally respond to the situation. In that area the litter and the massive congestion on Soi 16 are coursed by parking on two sides of the road and by weekend comes the entire area is covered in plastic, bottles and other waste; making the whole situation very upsetting to residence and business owners.

Sretsak had district enforcement officers erect barriers to prevent parking in prohibited areas and tell clam diggers to park farther from the beach and walk to find their bounty.

The councilman said more Environment Department workers will be deployed to collect trash.

The visit by authorities came three weeks after the district first promised to dispatch officers to regulate parking and stop littering at the Pattaya-area beach popular with Thais.

Deputy District Chief Narathip Fukruk had vowed that “no littering” signs will be posted that threaten violators with fines. In addition, officers would be deployed on weekends and holidays to corral the chaos that has become parking at the beach.

Either that promise was left unfulfilled or not enough officers were sent to placate residents.