IRON ClubIron Club, located in the center of Walking Street, Pattaya, is one of three Agogo bars in the same chain of owners. Iron Club stretches a long way back as you step inside, and has a really good vibe to it. There is ample seating inside the club and you have a choice of areas to sit depending on what you want to watch. Inside there is a main stage that throughout the night has 20+ girls dancing on it. The stage is well lit and you get a great view of the girls dancing.

There is also a shower area where the girls get all soapy and playful, it’s fun to watch and if you feel the need, you can help the girlsĀ soap themselves up, which is always fun! Above the shower area are suspended steel rings, during the night the girls perform various routines on the rings, which stretch your imagination as well as their bodies! On the main stage there is also a stairwell leading to an elevated section, IRON Clubanother great viewpoint to watch the super sexy girls do their thing.

Iron Club also make sure that their girls are not pushy for drinks, instead the girls will join you and happily spend time with you, if you want to buy them a drink well that’s up to you. If you are feeling adventurous you may want to consider ringing the bell, time it well as you could be hit with a lot of drinks if the girls are all on stage! All in all Iron Club has a great feel to it, the girls are happy and keen to make sure you have a good time in their club. The DJ rocks the place with the latest music, keeping both you and the girls entertained. The service staff are friendly and efficient and make sure your drinks are replenished as you require.

If you are out on your own or you are with a group of friends, Iron Club is a great venue to stop in!

  • Address Walking Street Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

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