Naughty Girls Verified

img_8755Naughty Girls Agogo is located in Soi Diamond, off Walking Street. Naughty Girls is one of the oldest Agogo bars in Pattaya and has been around for many years. As you walk up Soi Diamond, Naughty Girls is on the left had side. It’s bright red neon’s glowing at you make it hard to miss.

Once you step inside the venue, ¬†you are greeted by the friendly service staff who will make sure you are seated where you want, and that your drink is on it’s way. The club has a center stage which holds around 20 – 30 girls. The girls are friendly, entertaining and happy to make sure you have a fun time. It is one of those clubs that the girls will not pester you and come and climb all over you, unless of course you show an interest in them. It’s nice to know that unless you make eye contact you will not be getting hassled and having to fed off unwanted attention. However, if you do like what you see and wish for one of the girls to join you, well, say no more. A simple smile, nod and gesture and within a nano beat, you will be enjoying her company.

db0a1398The music levels are just about right, low enough so you can talk and loud enough to make sure the club has a great vibe to it. The girls on stage are more energetic than some other bars and they show willing. Nothing worse than watching a left/right foot shuffle all night long. The Mamasan and Owners of naughty Girls are great fun, will lead the show and make sure you have a great time. It’s one of those clubs that you may have walked past a hundred times, yet once you step inside you will be gutted you didn’t do it sooner!

So if you are heading out for the night and wandering around Walking Street, be sure to pay a visit to Naughty Girls, it’s fun, it’s enjoyable and you’re in for a great night out!

  • Address Soi Diamond, Walking Street Pattaya, Banglamung, Chon Buri, 20150