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Showgirls AgogoShowgirls Agogo is located in the very popular LK Metro area in Soi Buakhao. This busy Soi offer many options when it comes to Agogo bars but Showgirls Agogo has the lions share of visitors. As soon as you step inside past the draped curtain you will feast your eyes upon at least forty sexy ladies all ready to enjoy the night with you. The club is set up like you would expect if you went to watch a show in a theatre. The big red sofas cascade around the stage to make sure you have a perfect viewing point.

Throughout the night the girls are always on stage dancing away. At any one time there can be up to twenty girls dancing. During the evening you are provided with some really great shows, the shower show is a firm favourite as two girls make certain that are crystal clean and all spick and span, it’s not to be missed. There are many different shows put on each night, so you are not watching the same show over and over again. The shows last anything between 3 minutes upwards and the girls really do make a effort when they perform.

Showgirls AgogoIf you wish to sit with any of the girls they are more than happy to join you and each sofa seating can easily accommodate four people, so great if you are with a friend and even better if you are on your own as you can fit at least three girls onto your sofa!

Showgirls Agogo is a very popular venue, it has a good following and a strong and loyal customer base, which in itself tells you they are doing something right, especially when there are so many Agogo bars to choose from.

If you visit LK Metro make sure you visit Showgirls Agogo, you will love the shows and you will be glad you decided to stop by!

  • Address 33/126 L K Metro Alley\r\nMuang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung\r\nChang Wat Chon Buri 20150\r\nThailand

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