Skyfall Agogo Verified

Skyfall AgogoSkyfall Agogo is one of the biggest Agogo bars in Pattaya. Located in Walking Street, Skyfall Agogo is MASSIVE! From the minute you enter the club you are taken aback by it’s size and glory! The club stretches right back with dance podiums taking center stage. The comfortable seating hugs the walls and podiums, giving all their customers a fantastic view of the beautiful girls dancing the night away. The lighting and music compliment each other as the entertainment levels reach skyhigh!

There is literally so many beautiful girls everywhere, it’s difficult to know which way to look! The girls are very friendly and know how to make sure you have a fantastic night out. They are always smiling and having fun and their energy levels are through the roof. The nice thing about Skyfall Agogo is the fact that the girls all enjoy themselves and that makes a huge Skyfall Agogodifference in how they interact with their customers.

The girls also dress to impress as they wear erotic and sensual outfits to get your mind racing with anticipation! It’s great having the company of a beautiful girl, but it’s even better when she is dressed in leather clad outfits or themed costumes!

The service staff are efficient and courteous, not in your face constantly with requests to buy drinks. Instead they sit back and let you enjoy your evening and are just a few seconds away when needed. Drinks are very reasonably priced as are the Lady Drinks, so not only will you have a great night out, but it won’t break the bank either!

Skyfall AgogoSkyfall Agogo is one of the most popular Agogo bars in Pattaya and from the minute you walk in you will see why. It is packed full of girls, has a fantastic vibe and feel and you just know you are going to have a great night out. It doesn’t matter if you come alone, the girls will make sure you are relaxed and feel welcome. If you are with a group of friends, again, Skyfall Agogo has it covered as the ample seating caters for all group sizes!

Next time you are in Walking Street, or you are planning a night out, be sure to visit Skyfall Agogo, trust us when we say this, you will be glad you went in, and you may not want to leave, it’s that good!

  • Address Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand, 20150

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