On early Tuesday morning around 3am, 49-year-old Australian man was arrested in Muak Lek district of Saraburi province for allegedly promoting sex cruises with prostitutes on a Facebook page.

Steven Allan Carpenter posted an advertisement on his Facebook account promoting his business on December 6th last year, calling it AUSTHAI Tours. He allegedly promoted it as a service arranging a six-hour chartered boat trip with prostitutes on board at a cost of between 38,000 and 50,000 baht.

A man pretending to be a potential customer contacted Mr Carpenter and requested the service. The suspect agreed and asked the undercover officer to pay half the price as a deposit, which he did by transferring the money into a bank account given by the suspect. Later a arrest warrant was granted by the Pattaya Provincial Court as the transaction record was used as evidence to obtain the warrant. On June 16th charges were made for procuring for prostitution and violating the computer crime law by publishing pornographic material online.

The suspect had fled from Pattaya and gone into hiding in Saraburi but was later returned to Pattaya to face charges. Upon the return to Pattaya Mr Carpenter faced additional charges of violating the law regulating types of work foreigners are permitted to do in Thailand, and overstaying his visa, the source said.