Early morning on June 21st in broad daylight, on 2nd road near Walking Street in front of the Marine Hotel across the road from Mcdonald’s . A pedestrian caught on camera a massive brawl between a group of men and women. The group of men who appear to be of Arab origin were having a heated fight with a group of Thai women that look like they were about to head home. One of the women was clearly injured and was left lying on the ground after the incident.

A traffic police officer who noticed the altercation quickly responded but the situation did not seem to calm down. The two parties did not pay any regards to the officers and continued to brawl. Shortly after the traffic police arrives and separated the two groups, one of the girls ran after another man from the group who responded with several shockingly brutal closed fist punches to the woman’s face and body.

It is unclear what sparked the incident and the video evidence recorded by a passing pedestrian has been seen by police and will be investigated. Police are asking the parties involved to come forward and give their side of the story before they are tracked down by officers. This is the latest damaging video of Pattaya to come out that damages the reputation of the tourist resort and shines a violent light on unwelcoming behavior. These things do tend to happen and this is not the first time such incident has occurred, but we do not condoned these type of tourist and this kind of behavior towards Thailand or Thai people. If the two parties come forwards they may get a lower charge for Abstraction of Property, and Public Altercation with a minimum charge of 500-1,000 Baht.