imagesDo you enjoy writing blogs, editorials? We are looking for a content writer for Asia After Dark.

Asia After Dark has fast become a household name in Pattaya, and is actively growing in Bangkok with plans to expand further. Known for delivering up to date information that is relevant, informative and interesting, Asia After Dark has grown it’s audience reaching over 1,000,000 people month in month out. To continue this success, an opportunity for a content writer for Asia After Dark has developed.

If you are an aspiring writer looking to get yourself noticed and build your own following, get in touch. Become a content writer for  Asia After Dark and join our team  who have a love of Thailand, and enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience to others. Your editorial can be about anything to do with the Land of Smiles. You can write about the culture, food, travel, entertainment, and any other Thailand related subject. As long as it is interesting and relevant we will include it in our list of submissions and will publish those articles we feel our downloadreaders will enjoy reading.

As well as gaining huge exposure on our website we also produce a monthly E-Magazine which you may be included in. We  also share your content across all our social media platforms, maximising your exposure. This is a reciprocal opportunity, on the basis that we will give you huge exposure in return for your work. All your work will also point back to you, hence encouraging people to connect directly with you as well.

So if you enjoy writing and wish to be considered as a content writer for Asia After Dark, then get in touch. You can reach us by email [email protected] Please include a sample of your work of a link to and published articles you may already have online.