Things to consider when living in Thailand!

Yes, Thailand is a beautiful and fascinating country. It is a wonderful place full of  culture and history, and has one of the best climates you could ask for! It is very easy to see why so many people set up a new life here. However, there are several things to consider when setting up a full time life here. Thailand is a place where dreams come true, but if you ignore the warning signs you could soon be ending up in a world you never imagined was possible!

Living In Thailand#1 Money

Consider your financial situation thoroughly. Yes you may have a pot of gold, some more golden than others, but if you are on a limited or fixed income, make sure you stick within your limits. Thailand has some of the best nightlife in the world readily available, but it doesn’t come cheaply! Living night after night in nightclubs and bars, while it maybe fun, can also become addictive and very costly! Living in a country is vastly different than holidaying, take care of your pot of gold before it soon becomes an empty pot!

#2 You

Living In ThailandLiving in Thailand you need to take care of yourself, not just physically, but mentally and financially as well. You will have hours of time at your disposal, particularly if you are here as someone who has retired. So do make the effort to exercise, you don’t have to become an aging gym freak, but a little exercise everyday will keep you in good shape. Find things to do, if you can occupy your mind you will avoid the temptation of sitting in a bar, guzzling “Happy Hour” Leo’s at 40฿ a bottle day after day . The internet is always at hand and there are zillions of things you could do on there, join a club, study, maybe start your own blog? If you are not internet savvy, ask around in your area, find clubs to join, see if there are charities that could do with a hand? But whatever you find or do, keep out of the bars day in day out. It is not good for you and you will pile on the pounds, especially if you don’t exercise! Insurance, a dreaded word, but one that is significantly more important here in Thailand than probably in many other countries. Yes you may be super fit and able to run back to back marathons. However, if you are unfortunate to be taken ill, or worse, involved in an accident, unless you have suitable insurance you will need to pay privately! Remember, you are a foreigner living in Thailand. You will get no assistance financially from the authorities so you will have to dig deep. A simple hospital procedure can cost ten’s of thousands of baht!

#3 Women

Living In Thailand

Yes, that beautiful species we all love and adore. However, Thailand also has the edge in terms of beautiful women. Their DNA includes the words slim,stunning,sexy,attractive! Now, before you get carried away think of this as well. If you want to buy a top of the range car, would you go to a second hand car dealer to buy one? Chances are, and I hope you agree, the answer is no! Yes you can find a bargain, we all know that, but in general the car will have done a good few thousand miles and is in need of far too much ongoing maintenance! Now having said that, you need to bring that analogy back to the girls here. There are endless ways of meeting a girl here, bars, clubs, dating websites, personal introductions, the list really is endless. Yet our most vital bodily organ is also one of the easiest to hurt, yep you know, our heart. Too many people fall in love and end up in a world of pain and despair, it is far too frequent, even more so here in Thailand. You need to really be on your guard when it comes to falling for a Thai girl. Think about what environment you met them in. TAKE IT SLOWLY, don’t go all guns a blazing and buying cars, condos and gold after your first date. Thai women have this understanding that all foreigners have a tree in their garden. The tree is full of money and can be picked continuously without care or worry. That tree is YOU! If ever there is a piece of advice you should listen to it is this. Never spend any money that you are not prepared to lose! Remember this advice as it will be very valuable in time to come!

These are just three aspects you should consider if you are going to think about living in Thailand. There are other things to think about such as learning the language, working in Thailand, holidaying like a tourist. We will cover these in another post later on. But for now, have a think what we have mentioned and hopefully it will make your time living in Thailand a more enjoyable one!

The cost of living here in Thailand.