Has your dream come true?

For so many of us, we came to Thailand and fell in love with the country. Let’s face it, it’s hard not to fall in love with the place when you have so many wonderful aspects to take in! For many Thailand really is a dream come true, and the desire to pack your bags and head over to the sunshine is almost irresistible! But does it stay that way, is the dream a lifelong reality or do the entrapment’s that are so easily fell into, grab you by the hand and lead you astray?

Here are three main considerations to think about making your dream come true.

Dream Come TrueWOMEN

Yes Thailand has some of the most beautiful women in the world here. Tens of thousands of women are all waiting to meet you, to find that perfect love and to build a life long loving relationship. But BE WARNED, you may well find the love of your life, she may be “the one”, she is different and loves you, and isn’t interested in your money blah blah blah. However, these women are extremely hard to find, especially if you are frequenting the night time establishments. Don’t get easily led, and think with your head clear and not with your pants down. It is very easy to walk into a relationship with a pocket full of cash, to soon be leaving penniless! If you meet a girl and you think she is going to make your dream come true, for goodness sake take your time and progress your relationship steadily, don’t go bowling in like a bull in a China shop pledging your undying love to her. If the feeling is mutual, things will happen at a normal pace and you won’t be sucked dry of your worldly goods!


Dream Come TrueOK, so you want to live here and decide to buy a house or condo. Yes, no doubt you can buy a mansion with your money compared to a garden hut back home. BUT, and this is important, make sure you use a reputable company to help secure the property in your name. It is very difficult for a foreigner to own property here in Thailand. Yes your dream come true house may well be amazing, but if you do not seek professional legal advice, you may literally have the rug pulled from under your feet! If you are planning in living here rent for a year. You can rent a property here for next to nothing and it gives you time to adjust from holiday mode to real life here, as well as giving you time to find that perfect place to settle down in. If you are in a relationship and you place the property in her name, which many people do, well just make sure that should things go wrong, chances are you may not get your property back or the money you invested in it!


Dream Come TrueThere is always a goose to lay a golden egg around every corner. People will tell you they will make money hand over fist and all you need to do is invest a few million baht and you will never look back. But for every Golden goose you may stumble across, there are ten times as many rouges, with cloaks and daggers just waiting to prey on you. If you are tempted to run a bar, a restaurant, a guesthouse make sure you seek advice from successful businessmen in the area. If someone is selling a business ask yourself “why”. Investigate the opportunity thoroughly, and I mean thoroughly. Don’t just take the sellers word for it that everything runs smoothly and that you will be making money buy the end of the week. There is a genuine reason why he or she is selling, so take the time to find out that reason before you become another statistic of a foreigner who invested his savings to now have nothing left! Running a business in Thailand will test the best of businessmen, staffing issues, local authorities and much more will become a daily chore. Yes if you live here you need to occupy yourself to relieve boredom, but if you come here needing to make money, and throw all you have into a seemingly good, but un-proven business venture, well you may find your dream come true has become your worst nightmare!

Thailand is beautiful, it is a beautiful country with beautiful people and a beautiful culture. Enjoy it for all it offers and live a long and happy life here. Thailand is a dream come true, but just make sure you keep your dream real and you don’t end up on the wrong end of an ass whooping!

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