DUSIT International head to VietnamDusit International group chief executive, Suphajee Suthumoun told the media “Phu Quoc will become a major tourist attraction over the next ten years as there are many mega-project developments being proposed by the Vietnamese government. Phu Quoc will be outlined as a special economic zone in the coming years, and Dusit saw an influx of high-end foreign travellers to the island, indicating very high potential,”

Reports indicated that in 2015 Phu Quoc welcomed over 1.5 million tourists. The main bulk of these tourists were from Europe and the United States. Plans are in place to grow this figure to 3 million by 2020.

2314258_620x413Dusit Princess Moonrise Beach Resort at Phu Quoc is scheduled to open by the third quarter of this year. Dusit International manages 29 hotels in 17 countries including Thailand under four brands: Dusit Thani, dusitD2, Dusit Princess and Dusit Devarana. Dusit International is part of Dusit Thani Group, which specialises in hotel development and management. The group has 46 new hotels in 21 countries in the pipeline in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia, especially China.

This is a fantastic move by Dusit Thanai, a move that strengthens links between Thailand and Vietnam, and showcases how strong the inter country tourism links are. This may be the first move of many more hotels looking to establish themselves in Vietnam. A positive move for both countries as this will encourage tourism and generate revenue. Thailand is actively working hard to promote tourism and this new and exciting link will only help confirm their intentions.