A French tourist was shocked by the Nazi gear and other souvenir with Adolf Hitler’s image being sold so broadly on the side of the street in Pattaya. Alexandre Jandaeng, 34, was surprised and offended by the vendor selling the Nazi flags that did not understand why he was being offended by his product that he’s trying to sell. The situation started to escalate after the tourist took a picture of the said souvenirs and reported it to the tourist police officer on duty on Saturday about the legality of the items as all the ‘Nazi symbols’ are banned in his country. Fortunately for the vendor, he did not get any legal tickets thrown at him for selling said souvenirs, however, the French tourist did not get the answer he expected from the officer who explained to him that Thai laws does not ban any swastika and other Nazi paraphernalia solely based on the fact that it didn’t affect us, but any counterfeit item was subject to legal action, he added.

Opposite to some of the countries in Europe, including France, Germany and Norway, and these are just some of them where any display of the swastika or any Nazi symbol are banned. Because of the horrific event and what it’s used for and by whom, there is no question why someone from any one of those country would get offended by seeing these kind of things out in the open for tourist and locals to look at and buy as a souvenir.

There is an ongoing interest in Thailand of Nazi imagery, particularly among young people. The fascination with such imagery is considered to be based on ignorance rather than admiration of Nazis or any political basis. In 2013, the minister of education stated that the school curriculum would be changed to include information about the Holocaust.



Source: bangkokpost.com