Gender realignment and penile reattachment Thailand is famous for many things, amazing culture, beautiful mountains and lakes as well as some of the best nightlife in the world. However, Thailand is also the leading country when it comes to specific medical treatment, specifically gender realignment and penile reattachment.

Visitors arrive from all over the world to have their bits and pieces modified. The very relaxed attitude here, allows operations to take place with little fuss, if not perhaps with some discomfort. It must be quite a mind game addressing a visit to the toilet and having to decide which toilet you use having had a quick few hours on the operating table!

Operations are costly and widely advertised across many media platforms here in Thailand. There are even hospitals offering such services on the front page of the Bangkok Post at times. A question has to be asked, what are the implications of such a very easily available operation. Let’s face it, people go through stages in their life when many aspects are challenged. Imagine deciding that that’s it, you have had enough living in Gender realignment and penile reattachment your current genders status and decide to hop over the fence so to speak. You wake up and realise what has been with you for so long, has in fact now disappeared! Many hospitals offer a “window of reflection” period, a time to contemplate if this is the right decision for you, but just how long do you get? Not long enough according to many critics.

Unsurprisingly, Thailand is up there among the very best in the medical world when it comes to penile reattachment. Let’s be honest, most men struggle to keep their infidelity under control, and when you are surrounded by beautiful women at every turn of every corner, it is no surprise that men weaken to the temptation. Added to the temptations surrounding you is the fact that you are so easily able to nip off and enjoy some “extra” relationship activities! However, temptation and fornication come with a very high risk, especially when it comes to an angry Thai woman. Thailand has the most amount of incidents involving a knife, a dismembered vital organ and a very unhappy and very angry woman. There have been reports of a man having his penis cut off and thrown to ducks to eat, washed down the toilet or even given a few seconds in a blender!

So the moral of this story is if you do decide to wander and cannot keep it in your pants, don’t panic. If your member is suddenly a free spirit, providing you can still find it and it hasn’t been blended or eaten, you are in the best place in the world for a reattachment. Our advice is if you are playing around, sleep with one eye open or face down in your bed, you may never be the same again fi you don’t!

So, for all your gender realignment and penile reattachment services, Thailand is one of the world leading countries to assist you.