Is this a genuine photo or retouched photo?

A question often asked about the girls we photograph, is have we modified her complexion and removed blemishes etc to enhance how she appears? Are the photos we add to our website a genuine photo or retouched photo? ” This is something that we have thought long and hard about, and even today still do not know if our approach is right or wrong. Do you prefer to look at a photo of a natural bar girl, or do you prefer a photo that has been retouched with photoshop and other tools of the trade?

Genuine photo or retouched?OK so here is our angle on this. If we photoshop a photo and create a “false” impression, and you decide on the back of the photo to go and pay that particular girl a visit, however, when you get there things are not as expected, how do you feel? Look nobody is perfect we all know that, and yes a lot of the girls in the night scene often have had babies, have fallen off a motorbike etc. When we post an image we could take the time to remove all their imperfections and make them look like the next “WORLD CLASS MODEL”, but the reality is often very different. Who would you be most upset with, the girl for not being as you expected? The bar for making out she is prettier than she really is, or as we feel, us here at Asia After Dark for tampering and making the girl look far better than she really is!

Asian girls naturally work the camera well, and more time than not, can capture that magical look. But it’s what happens after that where we all start getting in a mix. Genuine photo or retouched, if you see a photo of a girl and let’s just say she has a few pimples, perhaps she has had a baby and has stretch marks, what are your thoughts? Would that deter you from visiting her and instead continue in your search for perfection. Would you appreciate knowing, she is who she is and that’s that, no hidden surprises? I am sure many of you reading this have spent time with a girl and then later on found out she has had a baby and now sporting the latest map of the London underground on her stomach.

Genuine photo or retouched?Are we all superficial in terms of wanting that “perfect 10” to be clinging on to our arm? It is hard to know what is right and what is wrong in how a girl is represented by a photo. If you ask her for sure she wants to look a million dollars and why not, girls are beautiful, it’s us neanderthal cavemen that looks seems to be of less importance when we smile, or rather frown, at the camera.

So, from an Asia After Dark perspective, we believe that showing the girl as naturally as possible is the right way forward. We don’t feel photoshopping a girls photo to death is right, it would be like buying a car that in the photo is spotless, to then go to pick it up and it has scratches and dents everywhere! So rightly or wrongly that’s how we feel. When you see what you see, you can be assured that is as real as possible. Yes we will make the photo as pleasant on the eye as possible but we will not be recreating a totally new image!

So, genuine photo or retouched, that is the question, what do you think is the right way to go on this subject?

The two images we have used are just an example of what can be done with a quick “flick over”. This is not a finished image but just a showcase of what changes can be made very easily and a good example of a Genuine photo or retouched photo.