Regardless if you have been here before or have just heard of it, these are just some special treatments that Pattaya City has to offer other than the beaches:

Pattaya is one of two special local administrative organizations in Thailand, the other being our capital city, Bangkok. Pattaya City itself has the same equivalent to the municipality, established under the Pattaya City Administration Act since 1978. You’ll be surprise by what ‘advantage’ Pattaya has as it’s a ‘special city’ to us Thais even more so than Bangkok perhaps. First of lets start with the nightlife, in Thailand cubs, bars, or any place that has established a alcohol license has to be closed by 12.00 am. However, since Pattaya has its own rules and is a mega tourist destination it can be open much later till about 4 am, on the other hand Bangkok can be only open till 2 am.

Buying alcohol here isn’t a probably either; if most do not know, Thailand has a time limit policy at 7/11 for selling alcohol, which is where most people buy alcohol and it may be hassle at times if you feel like a day drink with your mates. Even in Bangkok this law is strictly followed, but here in Pattaya you can literally buy alcohol anywhere twenty four seven. Don’t be startled if they do decide not to let you purchase, some cashiers don’t even know if they can let you buy it or not. Be sure to ask the cashier first if they do sell them, other than that then you’re good to go.

The other thing that’s great for tourists being in Pattaya is that there is basically no sign of racism to be seen other than that person’s own agenda. Pattaya is one of the most or some would even say ‘the most’ diverse city in Thailand in general, because it has and always will be a place for expats and hence the fact that its also one of the biggest tourist destination here. We will adapt to your culture more than you will to ours because most people here understand and appreciate all of the tourist coming here making our city special. The last thing is not quite a treatment but just a little thing that ties it all together; Pattaya is super small but has everything you need and desire, literally!

Everything from merchandise, activities, the food and the people included, you can be your full self here without judgment, get anything you need, want or crave, and not just for you folks who came to have a good time but for the whole family even, you can find right here in Pattaya.