As anyone who has been to Thailand would know that the transgender or ladyboys here are absolutely stunning and some are even more beautiful than real females. And whats so great about Thailand being this broad and open about gender type is that one, the LGBTQ community feel comfortable in their own skin in society, secondly, it’s fun to see tourist or even your friends that have a bad ‘gay-dar’ be in awe or disbelieve in their femininity. So we want to give some tips on how to spot a ladyboy or as the Thais call them ‘Kra-Toey’:

1. Physique – Now we all know that some guys when they undergo their transformation they can have an outcome of being very feminine or just a tall amazonian woman but what you need to know is that he average height of a Thai woman is 157 cm -165 cm so if she is not a halfie (half foreign) it is unlikely that this beautiful tall model walking around is a born-female. Other parts of the body can tell you a lot as well if you noticed; the broad shoulders, narrow hips, muscle features etc.

2. Femininity – Ladyboys here in Thailand, especially in Pattaya surprisingly act more like ‘ladyboys’ than a female. Everything is exaggerated from the way they walk, talk, dance, hand gestures and even how they sit, which would be more elegant than the usually ladies. Ladyboys don’t just exaggerate their femininity; they exaggerate everything! Every word and action is excessively flamboyant which makes them stand out from the crowd.

3. Dress code – A fancy lovely dress for these ladies won’t do, why?, because it’s boring and it doesn’t express how colorful and proud they are. You can spot a group of girls walking anywhere and if you think they are wearing ‘too much’, you’ll know these are ladyboys. Or on the other hand they tend to dress more revealing then the average girls.

4. Plastic surgery – It’s not a hidden fact that Thailand is one of the most popular places to come for surgery, but to tell if she just had things done because of her own personal reason or to change the way she looks, regardless of how feminine you look, every ladyboys will have 2 or more plastic surgery done. For the purpose of their preferred posture and the way they look a lot of them would do body reforming such as hip implants, breast implants etc. 

5. Politeness – Rather than just sitting wondering you can just ask them, Thai ladyboys rather than being ashamed of who they are will tell you proudly that they are transgender unless you ask them impolitely or have an under meaning to the question, then you might not walk away alive!