Jet Ski's in PattayaWe all love to have fun, and what better way to have fun, than speeding around Pattaya Bay on a Jet Ski? But WAIT, hang on a minute, don’t we read so much about how the operators try to mug you off and scam you for thousands of Baht, for alleged damage to their jet ski? Yes Pattaya has had more than it’s fair share of problems with operators, as well as a lot of bad press regarding physical assaults in order to obtain payment. But all that said and done, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of operators that are not out to scam you, and with a bit of common sense and friendly interaction, you are almost guaranteed a good time. You can ride around on your jet ski, safe in the knowledge you won’t be expected to cough up a bucket load of dollar, for damage you were not responsible for!

So how do you make sure you have a trouble free ride? Well here are a few tips to help you along the way!

  1. Jet Ski's in PattayaMake sure you check the jet ski thoroughly before setting off for damage. Scratches, dents, make sure you notify the operator first off all you can see. Make certain to vigorously check the black rubber buffer that goes around the jet ski, this is a common scam that when you return, the rubber has come away and there is damage! When checking the Jet ski, be certain to lift and tilt the jet ski so you can inspect the underneath, again look for scratches or and signs of damage.
  2. Take photos of anything you find wrong with the jet ski before setting off out into the waters. Smile and be polite and make sure you tell the operator and he agrees the damage is there, try to get a friend to take photos of you showing the jet ski operator, while you point out the damage to him.
  3. Ask where you can ride the jet ski, what area is safe and what areas are out of bounds. Be certain to make sure you understand where you can go, as although the water may appear deep there are often rocks etc hidden just underneath the surface of the water.
  4. Agree the time you set off and the time you are to return, check your watch against his. Also make certain you know where he will wave the flag to tell you to come in, make sure you pay attention so you don’t overrun your time.

Jet Ski's in PattayaIt may seem a little overboard all the suggestions we have made, but hey, it’s your call if you choose to use any of the advice we give you. But one thing is for certain, if you just walk up, hop on and head out into the bay, you really are asking for trouble. If at any time prior to renting the jet ski you feel uncomfortable about how the operator is acting with you, just simply smile, say thank you, and WALK AWAY! There are so many decent operators here, don’t think everyone is the same as they are not, but likewise you need to be careful on who you rent from.

If possible always try to have a friend with you, get the friend to wait by the jet ski operator, if when you return you have a problem, just get your friend to go to the police station (Beach Road, Soi 9) or if you are in Jomtien (Beach Road, corner kiosk) and ask a police officer to come and help resolve the matter. DON’T stop a policeman who is on the beach itself, they may be good friends with the operator! Again if the operator calls the police, just let your friend go and get a policeman from the stations. Whatever the situations, always remain calm, don’t get angry, don’t raise your arms in gesture and wait for the police to arrive. If you have done all we said in our checklist, you will be on your way in no time at all without paying a single baht to anyone.

Over the last twelve months the government and Police had worked hard cleaning up the jet ski operators, most now will be fine to rent from and you will have a great time. Let’s face it, 30 minutes on a jet ski, speeding across the water, well that really is so much fun! ENJOY!!!