jetskis can be dangerousJetskis can be very dangerous!

Sadly a young Australian woman died having collided with her husbands jetski, whilst holidaying in Phuket. Emily Jayne Collie, twenty years old, was enjoying racing around on a jetski with her husband off the coast of Kata Beach. As the couple were racing around it appears that Mrs Collie collided into her husbands jetski, causing fatal injuries to her neck and spine.

Local lifeguards were deployed to rescue the couple, and on the scene lifeguards performed CPR to Mrs Collie in an attempt to revive her. Mrs Collie was transported to Chalong hospital where she was sadly pronounced dead on arrival. Families have been notified of this horrific accident and Mrs Collie body has been sent to Vachira Hospital for further investigation into the exact cause of death.

jetskis can be dangerousThis very sad incident highlights the dangers involved when hiring a jetski. These machines are very powerful and can reach high speeds across the ocean. It is very easy to lose control of these machines, especially if travelling at high speed and with little handling experience. If you do rent a jetski please keep your speed down. Be aware of oncoming waves and other hazards, keep your distance from both other jetski users as well as boats and shorelines.

Jetskis can be very dangerous, please consider everything first before jumping on and speeding off.

Asia After Dark wishes to extend its deepest sympathies to the families and friends of Mrs Collie.