Ko Kood IslandKo Kood Island.

Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful islands in the world and Ko Kood island has to be up there among them. For many tourists as well as residents, a trip to Koh Chang is always on the cards, yet few people realise if you head just little bit further down to Trat you can hop across to one of the most stunning islands in Thailand.

Ko Kood as it is most commonly known as, or Ko Kut as it is translated in Thai, is a beautiful, scenic and almost untouched island. With less than 2000 locals this island really is a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. The island is a mere 60sq miles and has some of the most beautiful beaches hugging it’s contours. Idyllic walks are abundant, taking in the island and all it’s natural beauty. The island offers some fantastic diving locations with beautiful corals stretching for miles and miles.¬†Klong Chao and Klong Yai Kee are two magnificent waterfalls that the island can boast about as well as having several Klongs (rivers) that wind their way inland, ideal for a relaxing canoe expedition.

Ko Kood IslandAccommodation on Ko Kood island, is as you would expect, there are some breathtaking resorts. Although they may be a bit pricey, and some are very expensive, when you consider all that is around you, well in our opinion it is worth paying that little extra. Imagine waking up to a crystal clear sea lapping over pure white sand, it really is amazing! Getting around the island can be a bit tricky, and walking may be a bit tiring as the roads are very hilly in parts, we would recommend hiring a motorbike and touring the island. The roads are narrow but traffic is not high even in high season so just take your time and enjoy exploring the island. We stumbled across an amazing shack that was run by a Rastafarian. It was brilliant, you helped yourself to drinks from the fridge, wrote what you had down in a book, and sat back listening to the owner playing music on his guitar welcoming guests to pick up an instrument and join in for a jam session, it was brilliant!

Ko Kood IslandFor many people who visit Thailand on holiday they will miss out on this amazing island, and sadly for many who live here, this island remains undiscovered. Yet once you have been there, you will be so glad you did and wanting to return sooner rather than later! Ko Kood Island really is a very beautiful island and can’t come recommended highly enough!

Be warned, at the time of writing this there were no ATM machines on Ko Kood island so take plenty of money with you. either that or be prepared to wash a lot of dishes!

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