Pattaya police officers have made a massive arrest mistake on Tuesday (August 7) afternoon at Pattaya City School 6.

Thai social media and news outlet was stunned when Thara Welajaeng, 35, in a video taken by pedestrian being dragged and man-handled across the floor from the school cafeteria as he was being ‘arrested’ by police officers as well as soldiers. In front of shocked teachers, students, parents and locals the authorities told him that he was being taken into custody and his children will go the a care home.

After being taken to the Bang Lamung police station Thara quickly explained that this was all a misunderstanding adding details that he had split up from his wife five years ago and for the last three years has had custody of the couple’s two daughters. His wife however was not too pleased about the children’s custody, rather than resorting to the courts to get justice she had gone to Damrongtham, the government watchdog over the years. But this time according to a Facebook post she seemed to have gone a step further; knowing that her husband would be at the school where he goes everyday at lunchtime to protect his children from his wife, she reported to authorities that he was mixed up in drugs and gun offences.

Bang Lamung police officers were later forced to admit their mistakes and apologized to Thara for the false claim that led to the arrest. There was no evidence to link the father to either drugs or guns. Whether a charge of providing false information is laid against the wife remains to be seen.

Officers then escorted him to the hospital due to him sporting a head injury from the rough ‘arrest’. Online social then commented and told him that he should sue the police and army for the rough treatment and not checking up on false claims.