An Iranian tourist is voicing his suspicions after being fined for littering on Walking Street earlier on Wednesday by men who claimed themselves to be Pattaya City officials, but however failed to issue a receipt for the fine.
32 year old Shahrokh Assadizadldleh has lodged an official complaint at a Pattaya police station at around 3.30am. After speaking via an interpreter, the tourist stated that he was strolling on Pattaya’s Walking Street when a group of men dressed like police officials approached him and demanded he pay a fine of 2,000 baht for dropping a cigarette butt on the floor. The men then took him to a desk of officials that were stationed in front of the Siam Bayshore Resort to pay the fine. He says he paid it but the officials didn’t give him a receipt or a ticket to clarify his fine.

The tourist then led police and reporters to the booth of Pattaya City officials at the spot, but none of them knew anything about the fine against the tourist. The officials then told that fines are not normally collected at the booth but instead paid at the Pattaya City Office.

Police then led the Iranian tourist to City Hall to issue him with an official receipt for the fine. An official complained that he had to pay from his own pocket to get the receipt issued. Police have so far been unable to identify who took the tourist’s money.