Night Hawk is coming soon!

Night Hawk is going to bring to you “real life” experiences and tales of what happens mainly after the sun goes down, as well as some interesting daytime . Over the last 12 months he has been out to visit many different locations. Bars, clubs, massage parlors and many other places, and he has a long list of funny and real life tales to tell you. Some you will be able to relate to, some you wish you had the chance to do yourself and others, well are just outrageous as well as funny to read! We will share these experiences on a regular basis as well as send him back out on other assignments throughout the next twelve months.

We aim to share stories from all over Thailand as well as further afield. If you have an idea of something Night Hawk should try then let us know here and we will see what we can do.

So keep checking back as we publish his experiences for all to read and enjoy!¬†One thing is guaranteed, everything you read is factual and not fiction, if it doesn’t happen then we don’t write about it.