Pattaya Agogo bars, there really is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world!

Pattaya agogo bars turn up the heatSo, Pattaya Agogo Bars or strip clubs as they are known, are one, of if not the main reason individuals come to Pattaya. Pressing the limits and pleasing the throngs of clients. These locations actually worth taking a look at.
Pattaya is associated with its nightlife scene, there are numerous agogo clubs dotted around the city. They come in all sizes and shapes from polished, shiny extremely clubs to small back street affairs that only seat a handful of customers. There is something for all tastes and you will never lack new locations to visit.
All of it began back in the Sixties when weary American Soldiers would concern the small fishing town of Pattaya. On leave from fighting in the Vietnam War.
Industrious Thais saw an opportunity to capitalize. With Uncle Sam footing the bill for all these servicemen they saw that a market might grow from all these randy soldiers. They drank lots and they like having sex- lots of sex.

From small acorns grow big trees!

Pattaya agogo bars, back when it all startedThe very first agogo bars sprang up over night. They were constantly packed full and as word of this magical location spread out through soldiers returning from leave, the next group would get here however there were more.
This pattern continued throughout the Vietnam War, at its peak Pattaya was getting over 2000 American troops at a time. The peaceful fishing town was no more. The huts that lined the seafront were replaced with strip clubs, whorehouses and Hotels. Fishing boats were transformed into trip boats and ferries.
The war ended in April 1975 and the individuals of Pattaya thought that was it, however much of the soldiers never ever left. Some had fallen in love, some had fathered kids. Whatever the factor they were here to remain.
So from modest starts, an industry grew and Pattaya owes whatever it is today to the Agogo Bars.
Anybody who has actually ever been to Pattaya will understand about Walking Street. Around 500 metres of bar after bar of dancing women and nightlife entertainment. Even outside the bars, groups of ladies wave and call at all passersby to try and lure them inside.
Things get going from around 20:00 till late into the street and the night is a consistent throng of travelers. Go-Go bars come in lots of shapes and sizes. However the common elements include a bar, a central stage with numerous poles, and lots of seating dealing with the phase.

Pattaya Agogo bars – fun, laughter, love and wishful thinking!

Girls will dance on phase to club music, replaced every couple of songs with a new group of dancers. In between dancing, these ladies will socialize with the crowd, and more than happy to have a chat in return for a totally free drink.
Take a look around our list of agogo bars and clubs…. you may be very glad you did!