The Pattaya City hall has come to the rescue of residents near the Pattaya Floating Market. Both the resident and residence have been affected by the replica river next door which has been flooding their neighborhood by improperly managing the vacant area.

A Pattaya Sanitation Department crew was on-site installing a pump to drain away flooded water and dug a trench to install a pipe that will be connected to the sewer system to help the residents in that neighborhood.

Residents along Sukhumvit Soi 83 had complained that Floating Market management has continually filled property it owns near the park, raising it to a higher level than the surrounding land. But because the land-filling has been uneven and sporadic, large lakes form after heavy rain causing the area to have large pits of water filled, the pits then overflow and all the water runs downhill into their yards.

Pattaya officials said they are investigating the Floating Market thoroughly , including the purpose of its land deeds for what used to be public property in Huay Yai, and permits for its excavation.

Meanwhile Pattaya has begun laying 40 meters of 60-centimeter-wide pipe to take flood waters to the main drainage pipe on Sukhumvit Road. Once active, the new drainage system should prevent neighbors’ yards from flooding from the overflow water from the upcoming rainy season and from the replica river from the Floating Market.