Pattaya Rent A CarWe all know the significant risks involved when driving over here in Thailand. The roads are often very dangerous, not only with other drivers but also with the conditions of the road. There are many potholes lurking around every corner, as well as often dusty and sandy road surfaces, making your drive more like a Robin Cousins routine on ice! So having said that, it’s accepted that we all need to get around. Asia After Dark spoke to local businessman Shane Ruddle, who is the owner of Pattaya Rent A Car. He gave us his insights on what to consider when you are looking at hiring a vehicle or motorbike and how to make sure you stay as safe as possible out on the roads.


Pattaya Rent A CarWhen renting a car in Thailand, it’s important to choose an established company. Many people here a price orientated, which is fine when eating out or finding things to do, but when it comes to renting a car do not be fooled into thinking that the cheapest option is the best option.


At Pattaya Rent a Car we get many customers saying that they can get the same car down the road for 2000 baht less, that’s great for them, but remember for someone to be offering the same vehicle for 2000 baht less there is normally a trade off. Maybe they haven’t got the right insurance, maybe they don’t have breakdown cover, or maybe when you return the vehicle you will lose your deposit for damage that you haven’t done. The 2000 baht you will save on the initial rental price, becomes insignificant, if you crash the car and the rental company hasn’t got the correct insurance. I always tell people to ask yourself the question…..Is renting cars this company’s main business?


If it is their main business, then they should have all the correct paperwork in place, if it isn’t, check, check and check again because no one sells 1000 baht notes for 500 baht! …………….be smart and choose wisely! At Pattaya Rent a Car we also rent motorbikes (125cc). The motorbike side of our business is very different as our bikes come with government insurance only, the cover is so poor that we actually tell our customers that there is “No Insurance on our bikes” to save confusion. We are asked about better insurance cover, but unfortunately it does not exist for bike rental companies. There are great risks when renting a motorbike in Thailand! we actually try to put people off renting a bike when they enter our office. My staff are trained to ask certain questions and depending on the answers are instructed to make it harder for them to rent. To find out more about renting a bike (CLICK HERE)

Pattaya Rent A CarWe often test their ability to ride a bike and refuse people on a daily basis, to the frustration of many. If they do happen to pass our screening process they must watch a short video outlining the risks, and giving them some advice before driving away. This is our last attempt to try and put them off but it doesn’t seem to work very well. Renting a motorbike is the cheapest and easiest way to get around the city and there is no stopping them. In summary, whether you are renting a car or motorbike check everything and in particular take interest in the insurance. Understand the risks and choose a company who understand the risks.


So, a big thanks to Shane, some sound advice there and definitely things to bear in mind next time you consider renting. To find out what cars and bike they have available (CLICK HERE)