Phnom Penh is a fantastic place to visit!

Nightlife in Cambodia

Have you been to Phnom Penh, Cambodia? This vibrant city really is a great place to visit. You can fly over to Phnom Penh for around £60 from Bangkok, there are several flights available, Bangkok Airways run several flights each day (CLICK HERE). The flight takes just over an hour, and once you have hopped on a TukTuk outside the arrivals lounge, you will soon find yourself in the city center. The Mekong river flows through the Capitol city, which is always a good point to get your bearings and is a great place to sit and enjoy a lunch or evening meal. There are plenty of restaurants and trendy cafe’s to visit as well as many bars.

So what about the nightlife in Phnom Phen, how does it compare to Pattaya. Well, you will be pleased to hear, it’s pretty good, although slightly hidden. When I say hidden, unlike Pattaya, you do not get streams of girls all hanging around the bars outside, instead they sit inside and wait for you to open the door and walk in. However, don’t let that put you off, as once you open the doors they will mob you and usher you to the bar and all fight for your attention. So where are these bars, well there are a few main streets you need to head to. Again using the river as your compass, walk to streets 102,104, 118 and 130. All of these streets will have what you are looking for.

Phnom Penh is a fantastic place to visit!If you enjoy partying the night away, well although there is no Insomnia in sight there is however a few decent clubs to visit, all working on the same basis as the clubs in Pattaya when it comes to the girls. The best one in Phnom Penh has to be Pontoon, located in Pastuer Street. This trendy club is a great place to enjoy the night and dance yourself silly until the early hours. There are always plenty of girls in this club and a good time is pretty much guaranteed. Prices are cheaper in Phnom Penh than in Pattaya, drinks are relatively cheap and if you need a tour guide for the evening, well around $30 will get you a pretty decent guide to show you around!

There are of course your usual massage parlors around the Mekong River as well as down 102/104 streets, but unlike Pattaya, these are relatively tame.  If you want to leave with a smile, well, you will be lucky to manage a grin let alone a smile. having said that, if you get on well with your masseuse then you maybe able to talk her into your way of thinking. But don’t expect it as this is Phnom Penh, not Pattaya.

Phnom Penh is a fantastic place to visit!So if you fancy a change of scenery, and want to explore a new city, well hop on a plane and check it out, it’s a fun place to visit and you will enjoy your time that’s for sure! As well as the night time entertainment, Phnom Penh does have a lot of very interesting places to visit, it’s not a place to come just for partying the nights away.