sleep and your healthSleep and Your Health

Sleep and your health is the first thing to get ignored, the last thing to be concerned about. But those are both in reverse; sleep should be your #1 concern, and the last thing you ignore. Unless of course you are looking for a decline in your health, gaining excess fat, losing strength, increasing cancer risks, increasing cardiovascular disease risks, increasing forgetfulness, getting older faster, decreasing valuable hormones, becoming depressed and anxiety ridden, have trouble learning, getting high blood pressure and increased resting heart rate…. well, I hope you get the point.

In my new book I am working on “a thriveLIFE Anthology” I dedicate one of the longest chapters to sleep as it’s such a huge topic, and because as I said, it MUST be your #1 concern for optimizing EVERYTHING! Sleep helps balance life. In fact Dr. Parsely sleep specialist has stated “you only get better at things in your sleep. You don’t get better at ANYTHING while you are awake”. This is because sleep is vital for helping consolidate both short and long term memories. Sleep also helps to boost muscle building hormones, creates recovery after workouts, reduces stress and anxiety, and increasing creativity. As you can see sleep and your health really do go hand in hand together.

sleep and your healthTips to a great nights sleep

  • Make sure the room is pitch black. It must have no light, even from an alarm clock.
  • Turn off all notifications on your smartphones, or better yet, put on airplane mode.
  • Keep the room cool, roughly 16 – 18 degrees.
  • Sleep naked.
  • Make sure to use only red lights at least 90 min before bed, and avoid all devices with screens like TV, iPad, phones, etc. If you must watch TV, turn the brightness way down or use an app like i.flux on your smaller devices.
  • Set a lights out time, and use a sleep tracking & waking app like Sleep Cycle.
  • Try a supplement like ZMA, or magnesium to help the body relax.
  • Aim for 7.5 – 9 hours of sleep per night.

Follow these simple tips and watch your health, and fitness flourish.

Ror Alexander

thriveLIFE founder