The Soi Buakhao Market is a popular place to shop in Pattaya with Thai’s, expats, and tourists.  If you are looking for cheap prices and a big selection, this is the place to visit. It is located at the junction of Soi Buakhao and South Pattaya Road.  The usually vacant large dirt lot becomes a small city built from giant tents and is hard to miss.

This Thai street market is similar to a flea market you might find back home, with small individual stands setup inside the tents selling just about anything you can think of.  You’ll find clothing, various household goods, souvenirs, electronics and cell phone accessories, fresh fruit, and plenty of stalls selling


It can be a little crowded at times, the stands are setup close together and paths can be congested so it’s a good idea to bring your patience as well as your wallet and taste buds.  Even though the area is covered in shade from the tents, it can get quite hot in there when the heat is sweltering.

Baht Bus traffic can get backed up on Soi Buakhao, slowing transport to a crawl.  But other times it is clear as day without a vehicle in sight.  It could just be the crazy traffic patterns in Pattaya, you never quite know what the roads will be like.

If you are riding a motorbike, there is a covered parking area where they’ll hold onto your bike for 10 baht.  It is a handy place to park near the market.

Whether you are looking for some cheap souvenirs to take home or some inexpensive clothing or accessories, Soi Buakhao Market is a great place to do a little shopping.  It is going to have some of the cheapest prices in Pattaya and if you are good at negotiating you might be able to get an even better deal.  It is well worth a look when you are in Pattaya.