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Tag: Pattaya Beach

Pattaya’s beach restoration is due to be finished before the end of the year

The recent storm caused quite a huge ruckus for the on going beach repair & development project. According to Akaraj Kantharo, the Director of Marine Office 6 said that the remaining 1.5 kilometers of restoration will be finished by the…

Pattaya beach is being reconstructed in a Marine Department project.

A section of the Pattaya beach is now undergoing a reconstruction project due to the lack of sand and the environmental disaster that may come int he long run. More than 360,000 cubic meters of sand is now being dredged…

Pattaya starting ‘smoke free’ beaches

On august 9th chief Pol. Maj. Jeerawat Sukontasap, led his team and the Environment Department to the beach to reinforce littering policy. Pattaya is once again back at it with littering policy at the beach after¬† reports shows that the…

400 Million Baht sand fill project on Pattaya beach damaged

The 400-million-baht sand-fill project being carried out along a 2.7km long beach in Pattaya City has recently been seriously damaged by recent floods.¬†Pattaya beach is the first in the country to use artificial sand filling to deal with coastal erosion.…