taking drugs in thaland, british man arrestedYet again another person is caught taking drugs in Thailand, and will now face the very harsh and stern justice system when it comes to drugs here. What is it with people and taking drugs? Understandably drugs are an addictive habit, that is an accepted fact, but seriously, of all the countries to risk taking drugs, Thailand is not the place to do so.

Taking drugs in Thailand, Pattaya, Bangkok, arrested, prisonHow many examples of people caught in possession does it take before people realise that taking drugs in Thailand is a NO NO!!! Lance Whitmore, Miki Michael Lee, Luke McCann and most famously Michael Connell, sentenced to 99 years having been caught in possession of 3,400 ecstasy tablets. Connell has since been transferred to Briton having served 8 years in the horrific Bang Kwang prison, known as the “Bangkok Hilton”.

In recent news, a British businessman, identified as “David” was arrested following a raid in Pattaya. A large task force raided the resort and arrests were made. the businessman was found in possession of heroin as well as sex pills. He allegedly had the pills for use celebrating his birthday, now there’s a thought! A World war handgun was also discovered along with eight rounds of ammunition. Maybe that was for his birthday celebration too?

Taking drugs in Thailand, Pattaya, Bangkok, arrested, prisonThe fact remains very simple, taking drugs in Thailand carries a very stern penalty and is really not worth doing. If you walk along Beach Road in Pattaya, drugs are very easily available, people will offer them to you under the shadows of the coconut trees. It’s the same in Bangkok, drugs are readily available and I am sure elsewhere across Thailand, but seriously, why risk it? Thailand has enough entertainment available and the need to enhance your evening with drugs really isn’t necessary.

However, if you want to extend your stay here and don’t wish to go home for a long time, well go ahead. Just remember, the Bangkok Hilton that awaits you is NO hotel you want to spend time in!!!