Tattoo takes A Mans LifeLove them or hate them, tattoo’s are significant in today’s modern world. However, they do come at a risk as a 31 year old Hispanic man sadly lost his life following an infection. An unidentified man decided despite warnings to stay out of the sea, to go for a swim. Following his dip he contracted sepsis and as a result died.

The religious cross he had tattooed on his leg was not healed properly and the man caught his infection during his swim in the Gulf of Mexico. The tattoo was just five days old and was far from healed. Following his swim he developed a fever, combined with chills. His tattoo started to develop a red rash and his conditioned worsened over the following two days.

He was admitted to hospital where it was diagnosed he had caught a bug known as vibrio vulnificus. He was administered antibiotics, however the bug took hold and the man was placed on a life support machine within 24 hours. He battled septic shocks for a period of days and two weeks later, it appeared as if he had managed to fight off the infection. Sadly the septic shocks he suffered affected his kidneys so badly that they failed, after which the man soon died. Doctors said the man had a weakened liver due to his drinking habits, admitting to drinking six bottles of beer a day, and this made is battle for survival much more difficult for his body and immune system.

Tattoos always come with a risk of infection, it’s all part of the process where needles penetrate the skin drawing blood. Tattoos do heal fairly quickly, however, if you do have a tattoo please make sure you listen to the artist’s advice. Don’t go swimming and make sure to apply the antiseptic creams and lotions you are advised to use.