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Category: Bangkok

Asia After Dark E-Magazine August 2017

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Taking drugs in Thailand

Yet again another person is caught taking drugs in Thailand, and will now face the very harsh and stern justice system when it comes to drugs here. What is it with people and taking drugs? Understandably drugs are an addictive…

Cable mess in Bangkok

We often look above our heads here in Thailand and think “wow, it’s all in a tangle”. Yes the cable system across the country has to be one of the most dangerous methods of connecting business and houses to electrical…

Asia After Dark E-Magazine May 2017

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Asia After Dark E-Magazine April 2017

Open publication – Free publishing

Thai Street Food

Thai Street Food, what is the future? It seems that among many issues the government and military are addressing right now, an active target appears to be the traditional Thai street food vendors that we have all been accustomed to for…

Wearing sunglasses in a nightclub

Is it cool or very uncool, wearing sunglasses in a nightclub? The last few weeks we have been busy doing our thing in the clubs and bars in both Bangkok and Pattaya. Now, while we were working taking photos and…

Bangkok Pattaya Phuket

Bangkok Pattaya Phuket Now the question has to be, what is your instant reaction when you think about each of these City names? We talked to over 150 people, ranging from Ex-pats to Tourists, and their reaction was quite interesting, if…

February 2017

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