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Category: Phuket

Wearing sunglasses in a nightclub

Is it cool or very uncool, wearing sunglasses in a nightclub? The last few weeks we have been busy doing our thing in the clubs and bars in both Bangkok and Pattaya. Now, while we were working taking photos and…

Bangkok Pattaya Phuket

Bangkok Pattaya Phuket Now the question has to be, what is your instant reaction when you think about each of these City names? We talked to over 150 people, ranging from Ex-pats to Tourists, and their reaction was quite interesting, if…

Jetskis can be very dangerous!

Jetskis can be very dangerous! Sadly a young Australian woman died having collided with her husbands jetski, whilst holidaying in Phuket. Emily Jayne Collie, twenty years old, was enjoying racing around on a jetski with her husband off the coast…