Tourist police have helped a 99-year-old Swiss man reunite with his 70-year-old Thai wife, whom he had lost contact with three years ago after a 20-year-long marriage.

Emile Jean-Petit-Matile arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport on Friday with nothing but a piece of paper with his wife’s old address scribbled on it, according to Tourist Police. Delighted to help the foreigner fulfill his wish of “spending his final days with his love,” they got to work.

The Tourist Police Bureau shared the photos of their deputy chief alongside the delighted Matile and some Thai Airways employees whose company is scoring some sweet publicity by sponsoring his flight to Koh Phangan.

The police first went to the address according to Mr Matile’s piece of paper, the address led them to Koh Phangan, an island on the south of Thaialnd to find the Swiss national’s wife. They fortunately found her home and found out here name, Mrs Krajang Kluboon, but learned she had moved. A quick local search around, soon it then led them to her new home, conveniently located not far from the old address.

When police found Mrs Kluboon, she allegedly shed tears of joy seeing her long lost nonagenarian husband, and that he had finally come back for her.

She later then told the police stating that the couple were officially married in 2005, back when he was a ‘young man’ in his 80s. After already having lived together for 7 years, they then got separated and lost all communication and contact three years ago when Matile had to return home to Switzerland for some medical treatment. And like the Swiss cheese, there’s a lot of holes to this story.