Tourists in ThailandThe number of tourists in Thailand is continuing to increase. The number of tourists visiting Thailand and cities such as Pattaya increases year on year. Indeed the number of foreign visitors to the Kingdom reached 29.88 million in 2015, a 20% increase on the previous year. More than eight million of these came from China and impressively, over 60% were repeat visitors. The figures and suggestions for 2016 point to continued growth with the official target being 32 million visitors. This is the highest number of foreign visitors that Thailand has ever experience so full credit to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) for helping this happen.

Tourists in ThailandThere has certainly been an increase in the number of tourists in Thailand, particularly visitors coming to Pattaya in 2016, but to date official figures are hard to come by. These impressive gains are just what the TAT were looking for and the emphasis on “quality” tourists appears to have been justified as the quantity has continued to increase. It seems perfectly reasonable to expect these increases to continue in 2017 and indeed local developers seem geared up for this. It is not hard to see why so many people are coming to Thailand and Pattaya in particular. Pattaya has changed beyond all recognition in recent years and is no longer a haven just for single men looking for young companions. The city attracts literally thousands of families each year who come from various different countries. They are looking to experience everything that the city has to offer and this includes water parks, shopping malls as well as a varied selection of other attractions.

Tourists in ThailandIt is fair to say that Pattaya attracts many of the tourists in Thailand. Pattaya is a booming city and one of the main reasons for this is because it evolves. Pattaya is great and reinventing itself and giving both visitors and residents what they want. The city as a whole understands that this changes over time and therefore it needs to change too. It is perhaps for this reason that it is one of the prime locations that investors choose when they look at investment properties. Although other countries in the region aspire to achieve what Thailand has achieved in recent years they are all some way off in terms of tourism. It seems hard to imagine that some of these other destinations will ever have the same appeal as what Thailand has, let alone be as attractive to investors. This can be qualified by the fact that over 60% of foreign tourists coming to Thailand come from Asia – a great percentage of these coming from countries within the ASEAN community.

2017 is once again predicted to be another record breaking year for tourist visitors for Thailand – something that will once again bring a smile to the faces of numerous investors ,many of whom have invested in Pattaya.