A gang of lady boys and their friend ganged up and robbed a Korean tourist at one of Pattaya’s most well known condominium.

The three suspects admitted to robbing the said tourist and have already spent all of the stolen cash. In addition to that they have also admitted to having a gang of lady boys as a stand-by team to rob and jack Japanese tourist possessions that come in crowds down in Walking Street. They have successfully done this twice to the Japanese tourist walking around in Walking Street, however, the suspect did snitch out that there is one more person to the gang that is currently on the run. Supalerk Nappimai, 28 who is originally from Bangkok was arrested at his apartment down in Pattaya klang after a complaint was made by the victim. He was caught red-handed with all of the victim’s belongings including his driving license, car keys, hotel keys and Buddhist amulets in a black backpack.

The other two suspects 23 years old, Puchong Loymunkong and Somboon Pangsuwan, 28 years old are officially arrested and a arrest warrant has been issue out for the other suspect that is currently on the run.