Government officials in Chonburi have received numerous complaints about tourist , mostly Chinese and Vietnamese tourists affixing stickers on the premise of Wat Nong Yai, a century-old temple located in North Pattaya; believing that by sticking on the stickers will bring them good luck.

Reporters have visited the said temple following the complaints made by the locals and have seen the well-preserved historic wood at Phra Ubosot Hall which is the most popular among tourists and can’t believe the sight they saw. These tourists generally arrive as part of a guided tour group and most of hem carry a white round sticker with the tour group’s symbol. Before leaving the sacred ground, they place the sticker where ever they can, including tree barks/branches, hall pillars and the temple outer-walls.

The stickers are given to the tourist by their tourist guided saying that sticking the stickers on or inside the temple’s premise will bring them good luck, stated Mr Thongdi Saeli, one of the care taker at the temple. Many of the temple’s caretaker and staff have been trying to remove the stickers, however, they simply can not keep up the pace since there’s the number tour groups and foreign tourists drop by the temple everyday¬† are huge; the tour groups come with more than 50 tourist in each group. Also, more staffs are likely to be hired to help peel off the stickers which now engulf the temple ground.

The tour company has set aside a corner where the tourist can place their stickers but most visitors and tourist can choose to ignore it, he said. However, the caretakers at the temple are planning to board up a large sign encouraging visitors to put their stickers on the board.