Wearing sunglasses in a nightclubIs it cool or very uncool, wearing sunglasses in a nightclub?

The last few weeks we have been busy doing our thing in the clubs and bars in both Bangkok and Pattaya. Now, while we were working taking photos and videos to update our website, we noticed something that initially didn’t really register, yet soon became irritating in some way. There seemed to be a necessity for people to wear sunglasses inside the clubs and bars, I mean seriously, what is that about?

Is wearing sunglasses in a nightclub or an Agogo bar a super status, does it elevate you to a higher persona and make you the king ding-a-ling? Personally I think it make you look a dick, like there is any sun inside a club, I mean come on, seriously what is all that about. So, being me and wanting to understand what the thinking is behind wearing sunglasses in a nightclub, I tried it. I gotta say what an anti-climax that was! The club lighting was obviously slightly dimmer, but not as effective in terms of the colours and presentation, a lot of the perimeter Wearing sunglasses in a nightclublighting seemed to be almost insignificant. But here was the real downer for me, the people were in many cases hard to pick out, certainly people 10 or 15 meters away were almost unrecognisable. I have to say in terms of enhancing the atmosphere and environment, well that registered a big fat ZERO out of ten for me. In fact in two Agogo bars i was told to remove my glasses and put them away?

I took the opportunity to ask a guest in one of Pattaya’s busiest nightclubs why he was wearing sunglasses in a nightclub, he simply said “because it’s cool man”. Needless to say I left it at that and continued to do my work and not worry about sunglasses anymore. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to do and dress as they wish, I have no issues with that whatsoever. People who do enjoy wearing sunglasses in a nightclub do no harm to anyone, I guess it just baffles me?

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